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  Ecolibrium: Protecting the Sacred Balance


ECOLIBRIUM: Protecting the Sacred Balance: The Islamic Approach to the Environment

Authors: Nadeem Haque, Al-Hafiz B.A. Masri and Mehran Banaei

No. of Pages: 404.

In this book, the Islamic view of environmental concern is presented, without artificial distinctions between religion and non-religion: The entirety of nature and its cause and effect relationships, with the presence of man within the system as affecting the entirety of creation, are envisioned to be encompassed holistically, by the primary concepts of the Quran.  The authors argue that the Quran serves as a prescriptive guide and motivator towards the establishment of a society based upon dynamic equilibriuim, under a benificent Intelligence who originated and structured the universe. They rigourously demonstrate that the optimal global solution to our mounting socio-environmental problems is achievable only if we were to return to this way of thinking and conducting our lives -- of indeed organizing human society, so that it organically integrates as a natural component with the rest of the panoply of creation. Such a change, they passionately argue, requires a transformation in our views of relationship to ecology and the universe itself, that are not only different in degree but also in kind. After discussing at length the root causes of our socio-environmental problems, they elaborate on these ʽchanges in kindʼ that are needed. The changes in kind that are needed are to be realized by understanding the Equigenic Principle. It is hoped that this book will, in time, play a significant role in inspiring the methodology and agenda for the development of a globally rational, compassionate and concerned society in this pivotal 21st century.
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