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  The Magic Of Existence I





Philosophical poetry written by

Nadeem Haque, from 2004 to 2008






At edge’s chasm of infinity we stand

What direction we turn to, is our command

For how we reason to understand

Determines in what abyss we’ll land


The universe was created for evolving the soul

Towards the eternal, our never-ending goal

Forget what myths galore have been told

Alchemical delusions turn gold into mould


The universe’s secret imagination of God

A seed in spaceless-space did bud

For maximal diversity, quark to cod

To maintain justice we began within mud


So do not grieve over bodily death

When sigh shall we on very last breath

For God’s imagination preserves the kernel

On His right side, we’re not infernal

Whence in afterworld, comes rendezvous again

A glorious vision of paradise not pain


In certainty’s arms we need not fear

The universe’s secret for all is to hear

Our true destiny’s crystal clear

It’s always being whispered, just open an ear.






This universe a cocktail of heaven and hell mixed


Where saturated spark of divinity saw fixed


As plain as water it could not be


For those who wish to learn and wish to see






The whole of existence is truly magical


If you see this not ‘tis truly tragical


For atoms inanimate do not seize


The feel of an evanescent evening breeze





The majestic clouds float in the air


Staring at me to be aware


For if they happened to be not there


Would we have any water to share?






A butterfly dances to the tunes of turbulence


Effortlessly fluttering about in the distance


Meandering whimsically in space


Witness its effortless grace



A paragon of flaky fragility


Yet possessing Olympian agility


Once it was a crystallizing chrysalis,


If you’d come across it you’d say:


“What is this?”


That transmutes from a semblance of



To a glorious pattern of animate sensation



So let this tiny creature


Be your flawless preacher:


From the cocoon of this world


Into another be unfurled.






Contemplating consciousness before a plane glass window


Beyond translucent reflections incessantly go


The life of this world betrays us it seems


Past yonder barrier lie realms beyond dreams






The speech of Divinity in special form


Beyond human imagination and the norm


Cannot be categorized as poetry or prose


Corresponding to reality in any dose


Perplexed as we are by its flawless confabulations


We are left with outstanding juxtapositions: 


Though it be true that the verse is in the Universe


I would not be averse to boldly state the reverse!






Forest, forest burning bright

In the tiger’s eye of night

What a mortal can’t decry

Is blamed by tearful infamy


This is a play on words of the classic poem

by William Blake:


Tiger, tiger burning bright

In the forests of the night

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?








What kind of hell are we in


Living in the turmoil of sin


Messed up like spilt blood


All eyes with tears flood


The innocent faces have been trampled


The ‘mighty ones’ take life untrammeled


Causing rift between people for religion


Joining Satan’s unholy legion


But hope still remains for a Godsend boon


Of someone to be sent here soon


As a mighty saviour of the age


To disengage and upstage   


The life of rage in the settled cage.


Yet gauge the sage within the self


As an unopened page, upon the shelf


Where it has always ever been


But until now, has remained unseen


Once cloistered, today unleashed


Illuminating myriad darknesses, released.








The elitists thought they’d rule forever


Manufacturing consent was deemed so clever


In circumspect, witness the Ruin


Of palatial splendour, where nightingale flew in


No flitting song now heralds dawn


Imperial weeds, graze the lawn


A deafening silence, engulfs empty well


Echoing an atmosphere of living hell.



In yonder, a pellucid, beautiful scene


Like a physical paradise, it must’ve once been.



If cognizant, then you must be of law


Acting incessantly, without flaw


Know that every power, empowers self-destruction


Once unbridled by seduction.






Brought to Life by Reason



This ain’t no ordinary rap

This ain’t no lovey-dovey crap

This is for peace and justice

This is something no one should miss


If you want to know about life

Listen to this story of strife:

Don’t pull the trigger

Go figure

You can always turn back

Onto the right track

Believe in human brotherhood

Not in the brother hood

Stand-up to the criminalities of capitalism

Destroying the earth by creating schism

The league of thieves are called peacemakers

Wake up brother they’re only piece-takers


That’s the story of my life with flaws

Being a rebel with a really just cause

Incarcerated in prison

Blows to the head every season

Brought to life by reason

Sharp like a knife called treason

To know the truth

It’s unspeakable

They call me uncouth

But I’m reasonable

I wanted to know

Cause I had to grow

Towards a singular divine intelligence

Who was my one and only real defence


But when I got out

Sharks chased the trout

They wanted me to conform

To the norm

To reform

But I call it to deform

The natural way of thinking

To avoid sinking

In the despair of nihilism

Trapped by the snare of tribalism

Masquerading as democracy

Nothing but disguised hypocrisy


Seeing the truth I’m now rejuvenated

We are one and are all related

How could this I not have contemplated

Must have been intellectual constipated

To the trappings of society satiated

With consumeristic mind inflated

Resultingly and falsely elated

Drunk, which they call inebriated

Forgetting that once we were originated

To die, then to be re-created


In your mind you make your own deep hell

The choice is in your hands shake well

Free yourself from your self-created cell

This trance is nothing but a spell

This rap is but a wake-up bell

If you’re smart you will then run pell-mell

From what these devils are trying to sell

To a life that ain’t abysmal…….


They call this civilization

Man, they got off the wrong train station

Messed up the human nation

Once pinnacle of creation.

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