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  The Magic Of Existence III



Philosophical Poetry by Nadeem Haque

March 2009.






Be like the sun and generate the light of new knowledge

to solve old problems

Be like the moon and reflect the light of old knowledge

to solve new problems

Be like the ocean, deep and wide in learning,

gliding sincere explorers effortlessly, but a perfect storm for

fools and pirates

Be like the unconscious universe, the product of whose forces

you are, and always submit to your creator consciously

In doing this, you will realize that true knowledge is one;

and is neither really old or new

Applied for harmonizing life, it defies categorization

and becomes living knowledge






Do not make desires gods before you expire

But make God’s glory your desire

To Him always aspire

Unceasingly, never tire

Be truthful - always - never a liar

Remember forever the fire

This is what it means to be a ‘Tryer’

And the angels in their subtle attire

Will close-in to admire







If you want to learn about the value of life

First you must yearn for a life of value

You must discern to be honest

You must earn living truth if you are to invest

You must know the core of your existence

For with it, you’ll flow without any resistance

Where the life of value recognizes the value of life,

And transforms into a struggle without strife

For something much higher in store

The eternal existence within the boundless core






What is the boundless core?

That is the question posed from the floor

‘It’ is the ground of all being

The One, the All-Seeing

Boundless because it is grounded in no ground

Core because it is the centre for all that moves around

‘It’ cannot be referred to properly as It, Him or Her

Words fail it, to define or capture

Yet it is a Person

Not a paradox

Please use your reason

And at me, throw no rocks






To be a friend of God, is to be a stranger to the universe

Questions of what? why? and how? are always to be cherished

The cosmos that we see is but a dream-reverse

Where everything that is, has always been wished

The cosmic realm we’re in, is but imagination

It’s God’s focus, from moment to moment existence

A concept to understand for the coming generation

A higher truth unfolds from the perennial silence

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