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  Escape from Sirius: The Doomsday Protocol
Escape from Sirius: The Doomsday Protocol

What is the intriguing triangular connection between a soon to be destroyed planet, Korbis, in the Sirius Star system, a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A and Earth? Find out in a riveting adventure, that spans about six and a half thousand years. In this story, the main protagonists, a Noah-like enigmatic philosophical figure called Torval, and a scientific genius named Jari, escape from Korbis, their once beautiful, but now ecologically devastated home, before the star around which their planet orbits, Sirius B, transforms into a red giant. They try to escape in advanced spacecrafts built by the 281 year old Torval, based on the unification of physics. Along with their loyal companions, in two crafts, they follow a precisely calculated trajectory, at near light speed, to another planet several light years away. Will they mentally and physically survive the exacting and strange ordeals? Almost 6,500 years later, their descendents visit Earth – the year is 2085 A.D. – a great deal has changed to say the least; but is it for better or for worse?
This epic and totally unique work of both speculative and prophetic science fiction intervolvingly fuses high politics, religion, futurism, philosophy, logic, environmentalism, physics, sociology, and law, where new discoveries and realizations are brought to the reader based on the author’s other treatises. These areas are, in fact, the mainstay of the author, based on decades of deep Quranic and scientific research. The basic premise is that something along the lines of what has been written in this fictional story, will indeed transpire in the not-so-distant future. Unbelievable? Well, open your mind to ponder on the farthest horizons, presented in this unforgettable, adventurous and philosophical escapade!

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