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  The Magic Of Existence II



Philosophical Poetry

By Nadeem Haque, (Oct. – Nov. 2008)

2nd Collection







JMB were a brotherhood of single mind, one and the same


Do you doubt this? Investigate their claim:


They focused on God, the Kind, the Formless, the One Absolute


To realize this, dig to the root


Their one eternal religion effuses deep meaning:


Un-cling from your clinging, and cling to the state of always Un-clinging









You are created from water, but do not drown in a sea of desires;


swim to the shore that is a refuge for wisdom



You are created from light, but do not be blinded by its resplendence;


let it illuminate your pathway to the truth



You are created from dust, but do not let it cloud your eyes from reality;


let it keep you humble as a reminder of your ultimate nascence and


earthly destiny



You are created of this finite constitution; letting yourself always remember


its purpose, will you never ever  be lead astray









A Celestial Chief on Empyrean High


Reflected on something under the sky:


“I’d like to tell you if I can


Of a curious creature, this thing called ‘Man’


Conflicted between whispers of Saint and Devil


From Eden to Eternity shall his-story unravel


Will he choose being foremost, in deed?


Or will he face the roast, and plead?


Which chord of life’s spectrum,


Will he pick to ply his plectrum?


He hasn’t time to lose, he has to decide


For death’s noose dangles by his side!”








What is life but a play of light on shadows


Time flies uncapturably as do the arrows


It won’t be long, before we’re gone


As if we never existed


The play is done, the script is written, and in it we were listed









Most of us live in a Disneyland by degrees


We do not see the forest, just the trees


In Disneyland illusions are a spiel


In the real world illusions become real


If you know the secret of the universe


Space-time is merely a quantum traverse


This is about the hereafter


And is certainly no laughing matter


If you end up in the wrong house


Say goodbye to Mickey Mouse!









You are not a finite entity


You were created for eternity


To pass from phase to phase



I know that life can be tough


Quite often the going rough


Lost and perplexed in a maze


So pack your bags for your needs


They must contain only good deeds


The journey’s infinite to amaze










Parity governs the universe


So says the Quran in verse


Two halves make a whole


From the subatomic to the soul


Nature’s complementarity


Is but another name for functionality


When the message arrives from the Source


How can discrimination be the course?


A well-integrated system of  belief


Cannot possibly cause the human pair grief?


Such a flaccid insinuation


Arises from merely delusion


If you’re not rooted on nature’s foundation


Even proofs, by wayside, fall under sheer exasperation


Those who are anti-uncouth


Would look much deeper to know the truth








If I could I would my human identity renounce

But entombed in this cage of cells I cannot this trounce

Disaffected because of what we have undone

So much good for greed has been callously shun

So on behalf of all humans I deeply apologize

O Nature! Sufferance portrays you loftier in mine eyes





The conservation of energy


Is like the conservation of justice


From an event they both dissipate


Though we cannot trace


Their ultimate distributions in space


The record shall remain


Nothing goes down the drain


The information’s never lost


Life’s not a thing to be tossed


Perfect justice is conserved


As the knowledgeable have observed


The space of the One


Is what no one can outrun








You were created solely for honesty


But now you have nothing but travesty


Your material obsessions have failed you to be


Blinded by avarice, you cannot even see


In gaining the world your Self’s been hurled


Retrieve it, were you even to lose the world







Sorry if I'll sound like Dr. Seuss

For which I'm ready for verbal abuse

But pray sit with me for a while

And listen to my questions, be they crazy in style

My questions pertain to the Big-Bang origin

I'm very impatient so let me begin:

If the IT was initially split and from the IT came the microbit

What hit the IT to split into the microbit?

You’ll have to admit that there are only two to commit

For only two such possibilities does logicality permit:

A Wit and a non-wit

Let us therefore see which one sits and which has its obit writ:

If the hitter was a non-wit,

What caused the non-wit to hit the IT to split into the microbit?

What broke the cosmic zit, what I call the original IT?

For a non-wit cannot hit on its own volition

This does logicality clearly prohibit

To wit: Did another non-wit hit the first non-wit that hit the IT?

If so, then what hit the second non-wit? A third non-wit?

And so the chain of non-wits would go on forever without a limit

Leaving the IT on top of the pit for duration infinite

Waiting forever for the non-wit to arise from the bottomless pit

To hit the IT and split into the microbit

If this be the non-wit’s baseless base

It certainly has no starting case

Which leaves us to consider the remaining Wit

If the Wit hit the IT to split into the microbit

If it was indeed the Wit that lit the fuse that smit the IT

Then this would indeed be legit with my wit.

I hope that you’re not in a fit

If you’ve survived thus far, you’ve got true grit

For this is not just a flit of a twit

What pure logicality has lit, none can ever omit

Of how the cosmic fabric knit its skit

Henceforth, let it be writ, as would befit the spirit:

That the Wit hit the IT to split into the microbit


See the book: From Microbits to Everything…Volume 2, by Nadeem Haque and M. Muslim, for a technical exposition of the new “Origin-Force Proof of the Existence of God”.

Here is decoding of the words for this poem:

IT = When all galaxies etc. were compressed to a small region about 15 billion years ago.

Split = the Big Bang

Microbit = the first particle that was produced out of the Big Bang as posited by M. Muslim and Nadeem Haque, out of which all particles, forces, matter and energy are comprised.

Wit = God (an animate or conscious force)

Non-wit = an inanimate force

Now that you know these meanings, re-read the poem!







Beneath layered depths of an emerald ocean


Lies a glittering pearl defying human imagination


Would you like to really see


Would you like to possessor be


Of this eternally precious gem?


If so, then follow my stratagem:


Beneath the surface of the crystal hue


Dive for a fathom the pearl to purview


Hidden under the false ocean of desires


Lies the entity to which one aspires


For the pearl that exists in this denizen deep


Is Pure Nature -- yours to keep





O Great Creator!
The Framer of past, present and future
I am but a lowly servant who cannot find words enough to thank you for this
cosmic interlude
Let my utter inexpressibility then be an acknowledgement of my infinite
If I could I would in prostration remain forever
Let all my thoughts and actions therefore represent a moving
version of that ferver
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