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  Intraterrestrials in Islam

Intraterrestrials in Islam

By Nadeem Haque


According to the Quran, other beings are also existing throughout the universe that are not carbon/water based (For Islam’s view of Extra carbon/water based beings refer to: https://zeshanthemuslim.wordpress.com/2017/06/18/extraterrestrials-in-islam/); rather, they are comprised of forms of energy. Let us call this class of beings Intraterrestrials, because they are present among us, unseen, according to the Quran. These Intraterrestrials are of a number of kinds. There are the Jinn, which the Quran states are made of smokeless fire(1), where the word Jinn comes from janna which means “he [or “it”] concealed”(2) (i.e. that which is hidden) and angels. The word for angels in Arabic is malaaikah and if the root is taken as malkun, it means “forces” – in this case entities that act like forces – but conscious forces-cum-functionaries, that is, those who follow God’s commands one-hundred percent(3) and with same efficiency, and cannot make errors of any kind whatsoever. Angels can move around at great speeds(4) and possess shape-shifting properties(5). Prophet Muhammed stated that angels are created from light (nur)(6).

    There are many classes of Angels. Jibreel or Gabriel is described as a powerful entity(7) who brings revelation to humans, although in the Quran, he is never mentioned as one of the Angels, explicitly, but is singled out by the word ‘al Ruh’, commonly translated as the Spirit and is accompanied by them(8). 

     Angels do not have wings like those of birds – this is a remnant of medieval thinking, but the Quran does speak of what is usually thought of as wings (ajnihatin); however, the root meaning of this word is sides, from the Arabic janaha; the Quran speaks of them having multiple sides(9). In other words, this implies that angels are able to impart a directional force using their ‘sides’, in order to travel huge distances that can be equal to, or surpass the speed of light in vacuum(10). They achieve this using their will, just as we use our will to direct our limbs into walking. The Jinn, on the other hand, unlike angels have ‘free-will’ like humans, in that they can choose to either follow, or disobey the laws of God; in other words, like humans, some are obedient to God, whereas others are rebellious. Iblees (Shaytaan or Satan) is of the Jinn(11) and became one of the rebellious ones(12) by refusing to prostrate to Adam, as commanded by God. Iblees still exists and God has given him leave to entice others onto the wrong path as a test, structuring a moral law that creates a situation where only those who believe and follows the laws of God will be secure and safe from harmful enticements(13). In other words, it is indeed the evil among the Jinn who try to seduce humans into going against the laws of God, but only those who adamantly pursue wrong temptations are led to this path(14).  Among the Jinn, there are those who have the ability to move very fast and transport objects very speedily(15). They, like humans, have many powers and limitations, and are not omniscient. For example, the evil ones among them were bound by Prophet Solomon and made to work for him for a long period; in fact, they did not even realize that Solomon had died while literally sitting on his throne, until a ‘lowly’ creature on the ground ate the staff upon which he was leaning, and he summarily fell to the ground.(16)


The Celestial Highest Chiefs (CHCs)

In addition to the Jinn and Angels, other created entities perhaps also exist that have the capacity to choose but are neither Jinn, nor Angels. The Quran alludes to them in two verses, that is, “They cannot listen to the Highest Chiefs (almala-i al-aAAla) for they are pelted from every side”(17), and “I had no knowledge of the Highest Chiefs (almala-i al-aAAla) when they disputed.”(18) Note that the disputation of the Chiefs is an indication that they are not Angels but are ‘free-willed’ entities who have various views on issues; they are argumentatively discursive about the affairs of other entities in the universe and God’s plans and in this way constructively engage each other about their individual views. This type of discuriveness is something which is absolutely not characteristic of angels, be they upper echelon angels or not. In addition, these entities are among those being referred to in verse 17:70 cited above with respect to extraterrestrials; in other words, these are some of the beings more favoured than the Children of Adam in terms of the overall favours bestowed upon them. These entities are a type of higher and powerful ‘highly spiritual’ beings, of the lighter microbitic particle type, who are close to God and glorify Him; they are probably engaged in serious tasks which we are not privy to. The Quran is silent about the details of these entities; in fact, most Muslims themselves are not even aware of the possibility of their existence. Not much more can be said about them other than that they converse on high matters with God directly, for, logically speaking, being the highest chiefs, there is no barrier to such communication. In other words, the CHCs do not require the intermediation of Archangels for such two-way conversations with God.


The non-existence of poltergeists?

It is surmised by Muslims that non-Muslims who experience poltergeists are actually being fooled by the evil-cum-mischievous Jinn, because according to the Quran there are no such things as ghosts. When one dies one cannot return due to the barzakh(19), the barrier between the living and dead, between this life and the afterlife.


Can a new unified physics explain Intraterrestrials?

Can such beings exist according to Physics, and if so how would they be comprised? According to an in-depth investigation of these Quranic claims, through anecdotal interviews, Quranic and Hadith analysis, a new view of physics, and actual ‘field experimentation’ by one of the authors (Nadeem Haque) and his colleague (M. Muslim), here is a very brief summary: According to a new unified view of physics developed by one of the authors(20), there is only absolute space and particles, out of which everything is comprised. All particles, matter and energy are comprised of the tiniest indivisible particle called the microbit; everything is therefore a grouping and structuring of microbits; all energy is thus defined as the effort required to move microbits. Since everything is comprised of microbits, everything in that sense is a form of energy, the human beings being the slower spectrum of that energy (hence matter). In this view, particles such as quarks, electrons and the photons are breakable and are comprised of smaller groupings of microbits; they are not elementary. These entities: the jinn and angels are comprised of such smaller particles.  The water/carbon-based body is cohesive due to a balance of forces and synchronization due to photons and electrons in signaling etc. The carbon-based body is also made of microbits, albeit larger and more dense groupings of them (in the form of atoms, molecules DNA etc.) Similarly, these Intraterrestrials are also made of microbits but differently organised. The proof for this is from the Quran and Hadith in the following aspects:  When the Prophet stated that angels are comprised of light, what he meant was that they were made of subtle small particles, smaller than the photon because the word from (min in Arabic) can mean an extract of something, as for example, in the case of embryology, where it states that: “We created you from the nutfah”(21), that is, what is being referred to is the cells in the seminal fluid, that is,  an extract from something larger. In other words, what is extracted is part of a larger whole. The Jinn are comprised of “smokeless fire”, according to the Quran.(22) We cannot generally see jinn and angels because our vision uses the photons and image processing cannot occur due to the way the photons interact with the particles comprising these entities. They can increase their opacity, through densifying the microbitic particles to form an exterior shell-like surface area, thus ‘manifesting themselves’, as they did with Prophet Lot(23) and other non-prophets who were present, and then one can indeed see them in the particular form they choose to appear in. It is because the Jinn are comprised of less denser and smaller particles that the Jinn see you from where you do not see them(24).

     In verse 24:45, it says that all dabbah are made from water. In other words, all the carbon-based creatures are indeed made from water. The parallel verse in 21:30 which states that all living things are made from water, refers only to those entities visible to the deniers of truth of the Big-Bang and God, that is, verse 21:30 refers to only carbon-based creatures as detailed in 24:45, though 21:30 would also include plants. Verse 21:30, therefore, excludes the Interterrestrials, since Angels are not made from water, but are nonetheless living things. However, note that these intraterrestrials do not have internal organs like us, and that unlike the Jinn, angels do not eat food like us(25). Creating a manifestation for normal human vision would generate a temporary re-organization of their structure with no internal human-like organs for processing food etc.  

     Angels are in charge of escorting the consciousness of human beings after earthly death(26), communicating peace to the psyche of high moral caliber human beings(27) and communicating in special circumstances with even those who are not prophets, such as: Mary, mother of Jesus. (28) However, the door to scriptural revelation has been closed with Muhammed, the last Prophet.(29)



Jinn, can travel in space outside the earth(30), and the angels too, are reconnoitering all over the universe(31). They are therefore not limited to the earth. In addition, according to the Quran, the destiny of carbon-based creatures is linked with intraterrestrials in the sense that the evil ones among them are prone to interact with humans, through whispering evil suggestions to their minds, unbeknownst to the humans, or through direct open communication if the humans have gained access to them. Considering the uniformity of the basic processes and plan of God, it would be safe to assume that these intraterrestrials would also be present on other earth-like planets with the carbon-based Extraterrestrials. They could therefore be termed, mind-bogglingly, Extra-intraterrestrials!

     We can clearly see, from the Quranic perspective, that a much greater degree of diversity exists in life-forms than conventional disunited physics and narrow modes of laboratory experiments have yielded, or would have you accept. Over the last 50 years of so, we have been looking for extraterrestrials outside the earth, on distant stars, but have become oblivious to the possibility that subtler lifeforms might indeed be co-existing with us. Humankind needs to expand its peripheral vision and thinking to these astounding spiritual-cum-scientific possibilities, if it is to indeed grow and thwart a very anthropocentric and stunted view of the domains of reality that has artificially dichotomized ‘scientific’ and ‘religious’ experiences.


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