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  Concise Proofs of God and Consciousness

Concise Proofs of God and Consciousness

(Published in the Scientific God Journal, Vol. 2 Issue. 8 [http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/142/168])

By Zeshan Shahbaz

Proof of God:

Something moves the moving thing.

The universe is moving.

Therefore, something is moving the universe.


The mover precedes the moving thing.

The objectless plane(1) precedes the moving thing (i.e. universe).

Therefore, the objectless plane is moving the universe.


And note, logically, the objectless plane cannot be divided and therefore is One. The objectless plane is limitless because no matter how many things exist on this plane it does not subtract or take anything away from it. The objectless plane does not have a beginning point or end point and therefore it is Eternal. And, there is not any thing that can be compared to the objectless plane and therefore it is Incomparable.

And thus, it is logically concluded that for any thing to 'be' (effect) is preceded by its cause (law of case and effect). And we know that the objectless plane(2), logically, precedes every single thing (matter, energy, etc.). And if the objectless plane (which is itself indivisible, limitless, immovable, eternal, incomparable) precedes existence of all things and any thing, then it follows that it is the first cause of all things, and if it is the first cause of all things then it infers it is a highly intelligent and conscious causal agent as it has caused intelligible, creative and conscious things and/or beings to 'be'.


Proof of Consciousness:

The concept of 'our consciousness' follows from the above sound logical arguments for the Prime Mover (i.e. Conscious God). My video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U0D-gl8c0o also provides a systematic demonstration of this(3).

Now the following question arises: How are certain material/object bodies conscious? Refer to the diagram below that will help illustrate this. The Eternal Consciousness, in other words, God or the Prime Mover, 'wills' certainly created or designed bodies to access Its Consciousness. The consciousness that has been made accessible by the Eternal (God) is denoted by “Accessible Consciousness” on the diagram. The 'accessed' consciousness by the individual body translates into the Self or the ability of self-awareness in connection to the body. This system demonstrates that there is a law operating that only certainly fashioned bodies or bodies in a certain state are able to become 'receivers' of the 'accessible consciousness'. A dead body (such as failure of one or more of the body’s vital organs that causes death) is one that no longer has the ability to receive or access the 'accessible consciousness'.


In summation, by way of logical deduction, there is One, Limitless, Eternal, Incomparable, Conscious Mover to the universe. And, by the ‘will’ of The Eternal, certain bodies become ‘conscious’.


  1. When I say ‘objectless plane’ I am simply referring to the very plane or realm on or in which any thing or every thing exists. Logically speaking, for any thing to exist there has to be a plane for it. This plane is the ultimate ground of every single thing including all points of reference such as all real and imagined dimensions. Even if one is of the view that we’re bound by Einstein’s space-time continuum this continuum, logically, depends on an object-less/matter-less plane to exist on or in (“Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter.” [Albert Einstein]). And being that it is this plane that logically precedes everything or anything to ‘be’ in existence it renders it as The Prime Cause of all things. 


  1. A response to one who may retort: "Then you're saying that God (i.e. prime mover) is nothing!"

         Answer: No, not at all. The objectless plane is after all
         something as all objects depend on it. 'Nothing' is
         simply an absence of things on the
objectless plane.
         Practically, there is no such thing as 'absolute
nothingness' or absolute zero!

  1. For details concerning these arguments also refer to the paper, An Amazing Proof for the Existence of God (http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/view.php?id=722493&da=y).


  1. “When the next revolution rocks physics, chances are it will be about nothing—the vacuum, that endless infinite void. In a discipline where the stretching of time and the warping of space are routine working assumptions, the vacuum remains a sort of cosmic koan. And as in the rest of physics, its nature has turned out to be mind-bendingly weird: Empty space is not really empty because nothing contains something, seething with energy and particles that flit into and out of existence.” (“Nothingness of Space Could Illuminate the Theory of Everything” [Discover Magazine, Aug 2008 issue])


  1. "There is something which always moves the things that are in motion, and the first mover is itself unmoved."

          "One actuality always precedes another in time right
           back to the actuality of the eternal prime mover."

          "The infinite has no beginning, ... but seems to be the
           beginning of other things, and to surround all things
           and guide all ... And this is the divine, for it is immortal
           and indestructible."


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