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  PDF of Microbits Volume 1

The link is an updated version of From Microbits to Everything - Volume 1, that presents a new unified view of physics and challenges the platform of modern day problematic physics. It is a 2010 revised version of the book first published in 2001 and is posted until the out-of-print book is re-printed. It is being made available in this way due to the urgency in conveying a solution that shifts the current paradigm, which is leading to an unresolvable dead-end and unreal abstruseness.

Read this work freely on your system. However, should you decide to get a print-out, please contact optagon@mail.com, for the terms and a very minimal price. Optagon is posting this book on the basis of trust and hopes that the reader will comply as all the rest of the rights are reserved under the International Copywright Convention.

Microbits Volume 1, is also available for reading, free of charge, online at Scribd:

Also see the article published in a new journal on physics and philosophy where the Microbits view is summarized and extended:

The authors of Microbits Volume 1, encourage you to read the revolutionary "Old Physics for New", by physicist Thomas Phipps in conjunction with Microbits Volume 1. (See reviews at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Old-Physics-New-alternative-relativity/dp/0973291141/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1306593663&sr=8-1).
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